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Wood Garage Door

Garage doors do not only protect our cars from theft and robbers but can also improve the appearance of our home. Installing beautiful garage doors can improve the appeal of your house. Choose a wooden garage door to accentuate the beauty of your home.

There are many styles and materials of garage door including wood, metal. One of the popular choices of garage door is wood. Wooden garage doors can give your home a natural appearance. Installing wooden garage door will enhance the features of your home and will make your house look elegant.

There are many types of wood garage doors. First is the traditional type which is the single layer. It can be made of solid wood or simple framework with thin, flat panel inserts. This type of wood is affordable but provides less insulation. The second type of wood garage door is double layer. This has a wooden exterior with a layer of insulation on the interior. This is a little expensive than a single layer door. And the last garage doors wood type is the three layer type. This has a wooden exterior and interior insulation sandwiched in between. This is the most expensive type of wood but will provide good insulation. This is durable and energy efficient. This type of timber garage door will provide better protection for your car, home and belongings.

The disadvantage of wooden garage door is that it easily rots and is prone to termites. You need to have your wooden garage door treated to protect it from termites and routinely maintain it. But it must be painted regularly to protect it from elements and keep it looking good.

Keep your houses looking good by installing wooden garage doors. For quality wooden garage door installation, look for a garage door contractor.

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