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Vinyl Garage Doors

Installing a wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and mental.

When choosing a garage door, it is important to consider the elements of a garage door. These elements include strength, maintenance requirement, insulation “R” value, thickness, durability, cost, safety and warranty.

Although Vinyl Garage Doors are new in the market, it still has some advantages. Vinyl garage door is durable, strong and weather resistant. There are some vinyl steel backing in the inside for added strength. It requires low maintenance since it is dent and rust resistance. It does not require to be painted so it is easy to maintain. And since it comes solid colors all the way through, it will not show scratches. It terms of safety and warranty, vinyl is kid-friendly and has a long life span. Basically, vinyl is a great choice if you live in the coastal area.

When we talk about price, vinyl is a little bit expensive than steel and other material. But in the long run, you vinyl is cost-efficient since it require little maintenance and has a life time warranty.

However, vinyl garage doors cannot combat cold climate. It can brittle if exposed to extremely cold weather and can fade when exposed to direct sunlight. And it is available on selected light colors only. It can not easily be painted and requires a special kind of paint if you want to change the color after a few years.

But despite the disadvantages, vinyl remains to be a popular choice and still give good home security and protection to your car and property.

Proper installation and maintenance will improve the life span for your vinyl garage door. Find garage door contractor for quality installation and repair.

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