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Steel Garage Doors

Garage is primarily used for storage and car park. It is important to fully secure your garage with a sturdy metal, steel, vinyl and fiberglass. It not only protects your home but improves the appeal of your curb.

If you want to increase the market value of your house, install a steel garage door. Steel garage doors are the best choice if you want to provide your family maximum security. It is durable and requires low maintenance. It is available in three types: Single layer, double layer and triple layer.

Single layer is the most economical choice for unheated garage door. It is cheap but provides no insulation. It has shorter warranty since it only uses one sheet of galvanized steel.

Double layer garage doors are perfect for people who use their garage for car park. It uses a sheet of galvanized steel and insulating foam on the inside. It provides minimal insulation but the exposed insulation can easily be damaged. It is affordable and more energy efficient than the single layer garage door type.

The triple layer design is the best. It is more durable than the other two types of steel garage doors. It is made of galvanized steel on the inside and the outside with insulation sandwiched in between. It will combat any bad weather and will last longer than the two other types of steel garage doors. It is a little expensive but worth it since it will provide your car and family maximum security. It requires little maintenance and does not rot, crack and rust.

Steel garage doors will increase home security. For proper steel garage door installation and repair, find a garage door contractor using our directory.

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