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Overhead Door

The garage doors have grown quite popular, you are provided with a large range of options including overhead door, sliding, swing, insulated and automatic.

Aside from the material used in your garage door, you should also take into account the design of the garage door. Roll up garage doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors. It comes in four basic types: retractable, canopy, sectional and roller.

A retractable door is a solid, one-piece overhead garage door that swings out and up. It requires a little space when opened so you need to be sure that you do not park near the door.

A canopy door is somewhat similar to the retractable type of garage door in terms of function but it does not require much space to swing open. It does not retract all the way to the garage.

Sectional is the most popular type of roll up garage door. It is made up of three or four panels that are joined by hinges and it roils into a large coil overhead. It is weather tight and durable but requires routine maintenance to keep it functioning properly. It provides maximum security and is available in various degrees of insulation.

A roller door is made up of a curtain of narrow slats that wind up onto a roller when retracted. It is very cheap to install since design such as windows and panels are impossible to install. It looks clean and simple and does not require much maintenance.

Need to install a new garage door or repair an old one? Find a reliable garage door company to make sure that your rollup garage doors are functioning properly.

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