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Garage Doors Maintenance

Garage doors protect our home, family, cars and belongings from bad weather and theft. In order for the garage door to function properly, it needs routine maintenance. Keeping a well maintained and clean garage door will make it last longer.

A properly maintained garage door will last for years. You can prolong the life of your garage door by simply cleaning it. Use mild detergent, soft cloth or soft car brush to clean your door. Washing your doors frequently will reduce accumulations of dust on tracks. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or strong liquid soaps. For wooden garage door, you can protect it by painting both sides of the door.

It is also important to check the parts of the door while cleaning it. Lubricate the hinges, rollers, tracks and springs regularly. Use a small amount of motor oil or spray with WD40.

Tighten any loose screws and bolt. With repeated use of the door, hardware parts fall out of adjustment.

Dust the tracks to remove dirt and dust.

Always keep your garage clean and avoid clatter. Do not place objects near the tracks. Check the path of the door and make sure nothing is obstructing its movement.

If the springs have become loose, replace it immediately. Addressing minor problems immediately will reduce further damage.

Make sure that your sensor is working properly by placing or waving an object underneath it. If you do not have a sensor, call a professional to install one. Sensors will prevent accidents especially if there are children often playing near your garage.

For quality repair minor damages immediately. Routine Garage doors Maintenance will save you money on repair.

Make sure your garage door is in good shape by performing routine garage door maintenance. Call a professional for quality garage door maintenance.

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