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Garage Door Parts

Garage doors improve home security and safety. In order to make sure that they are in mint condition, garage door contractors to examine the garage door parts as much as you can to prevent damages and accidents.

To prevent long term damage of garage door moving parts, expert contractors usually lubricate them. To keep hinges, rollers and tracks moving freely, they spray them with light weight oil like WD40 or spray oil. Lubricating the parts is the first line of defense against malfunctions.

While lubricating the parts, contractors perform a quick check up on other hardware parts. They thus check to see if there are any loose springs, bolts or screws. Since the garage door is constantly moving, hardware can loosen over time. If that is indeed the case, any unfastened parts need to be tightened.

The tracks should be properly aligned to guide the garage door rollers. Garage door technicians can hammer them back if misaligned.

Rollers are thoroughly inspected for wear and tear. Contractors can usually spot the defects quite easily. If required, they replace the problematic rollers.

The cables are inspected for broken strands. Since the cables are under high tension, this is a job that should only be left to professionals.

By lowering the door half way its tension level can be tested. The door should be able to balance its self without assistance. If the door falls, the springs need to be adjusted.
If the door seems heavy to open, the tension springs may need to be replaced. Since the garage door constantly opens and closes, the spring that lifts it up and down may also wear out. Professional garage door contractors can safely replace tension springs. They are equipped with the garage door supplies and accessories needed to fix the problem.

Routine garage door inspection and maintenance will increase home safety. Look for certified professionals to perform inspection and repair of all garage door parts.

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