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Garage Door Repair Estimate

To make sure that your house is equipped with proper functioning garage door repair quote and garage door installation estimate. Obtaining an estimate will give you a clearer picture of what you are paying for.

Garage Door Repair Estimate
Maintaining a garage door will enhance the beauty of your house and improve home security. Most people fear that hiring a professional to repair and maintain their garage door can be expensive. To obtain an accurate as possible estimate, ask a garage door technician to perform an onsite visit. To enable the contractor to calculate a garage door repair estimate that will be close to the final price, he will need to see the extent of the job.

A fair and reasonable garage door repair estimate will run around one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars, since it usually takes one to two hours to finish the job.

Garage Door Installation Estimate

The garage door installation quote usually depends on the size and the type of door. The price of installing an 8’x7’ or 9’x7’ single car garage door is usually around two hundred to three hundred dollars and a 16’x7’ double car garage door is around three hundred to five hundred dollars. Additional fees that may increase the total cost include removal and disposal of the old garage door, tax, materials and transport fee of the door to your home.

Contact a professional to receive reliable and reasonable quotes. For an accurate garage door repair and installation estimate, ask a qualified garage door contractor to perform an onsite visit.

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